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Training Courses

How can I find training courses?

How can I participate in your training courses?

  • You will find the registration form under each course or click here to register

What is the price for each course?

Each course has its price. For more information do the following points:

  • check this page (here) and select the type of the course, advanced or normal, then click on it and find out the price
  • join our Facebook account

How can I pay?

You can pay per PayPal or transfer per bank account. For more information send an email to

What do I gain from the course?

You …

  • will be well trained
  • receive a reference
  • obtain a European qualification certificate
  • and you will be presented to companies

What are the participate number (pn) and course number (cn)?

The participate and the course numbers are two reference number that you get on the certification

What information are required for registration?

You have

  • to register yourself here
  • you have to pay the fee
  • you have to send us your personal photo (biometric 3*4 cm)

What are the types of your training courses?

We are providing these fields

What if I change my mind from the beginning of the course?

Once you have chosen the course and paid the fee, you cannot change your course and the money will not be refunded

Can I keep in touch with TPs by social media?

Yes, please follow us via this

  • Facebook page
  • Facebook Arabic Group
  • Facebook Kurdish Group
  • YouTube Arabic
  • YouTube Kurdish
  • Telegram Tetra Pillars Middle East
  • Whatsapp +49 1575 3281712

Advising and Consulting

What is the difference between advising and consulting services?

  • Advising is for guiding long term advice based on your objectives
  • Consultant is for guiding short term advice based on your objectives

How can I contact the team for advising or consulting?

Send us an E-mail here