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Topic: Accounting

Duration: 3 Weeks in 20 hours
Online class with live teaching


Participants will learn the concept of accounting and the basics of cost management with cash flow management


  • Accounting and its use in business decisions
  • Recording business transactions
  • Adjustments for financial reporting
  • Completing the accounting cycle
  • Accounting theory
  • Merchandising transactions
  • Measuring and reporting inventories
  • Control of cash
  • Receivables and payables
  • Property, plant, and equipment
  • Plant asset disposals, natural resources, and intangible assets
  • Stockholders’ equity: Classes of capital stock
  • Corporations: Paid-in capital, retained earnings, dividends, and treasury stock
  • Stock investments
  • Long-term financing: Bonds
  • Analysis using the statement of cash flows
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • Managerial accounting concepts/job costing
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