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Job Coaching

The role of a job coach can vary depending on the needs of the individual they are assisting and the specific requirements of their job placement program. But we mean here:

  1. Assessment: Conducting assessments to identify an individual’s skills, interests, and job preferences.

  2. Resume and Cover Letter Writing: Assisting with resume and cover letter development to highlight the individual’s strengths and qualifications.

  3. Job Search: Providing guidance and support in searching for job openings, both online and in-person, that match the individual’s skills and preferences.

  4. Application Assistance: Helping individuals complete job applications accurately and effectively.

  5. Interview Preparation: Conducting mock interviews and providing tips and strategies to help individuals feel confident and prepared for job interviews.

  6. On-the-Job Training: Providing on-the-job training and support to individuals after they have been hired to help them learn job tasks and adapt to their new work environment.

  7. Advocacy: Acting as an advocate for the individual with employers, co-workers, and other stakeholders to ensure they receive the support and accommodations they need to succeed in their job.